Overwhelmingly outnumbered

Let’s face the truth for a second. Sometimes the life of a kitten rehabilitator, albeit a cool as a cucumber dedicated beginner in the trade, simply stinks. This weekend was at the top of the stinky list. Literally. It ended with my spending two hours on all fours, trying to clean bits and streaks of kitten diarrhea which had settled into the crevices of my rather new bathroom tile. Textured tile. Dried up kitten shit deposited and smeared all over by the Buckaroos. First, clean and scrub floor, then bleach it. The stink is still there. Bleached poo.

Grab all the towels that I had carefully placed on the floor to keep them warm and happy and snug, which they carefully removed with their little licorice colored paws, with shades of yellow poo. Into the washer on sanitizing program. Stink gone.

Grab toothbrush and clean the poo dried in the ridge of the heating pad’s electrical cord, used to keep their body temperature warm. I have no idea how they managed that.

The night before, we were Playing with Henry. What’s that on his ear? Probably nothing. This morning: What’s that on his paw? Let’s take him to the shelter’s clinic. “Ah, what a beautiful cat, you’re here for his shots? No, he has a booboo. Oh, we don’t have a vet on staff today. Please come back on Tuesday.” We would have known that if we had looked at the schedule with a functioning brain, not one that had been awoken from sleep every 4 hours in the last two days. We think it’s ringworm and have started some treatment.

At the shelter, we brought the Buckaroos to their new foster mommas. “Do the kittens eat on their own? We work all day and cannot take them otherwise”. No they don’t. But no we cannot keep them.” That stinks too, in a different way.

Back home. We play with Rockie. What’s on her ear?

I will just let you imagine the rest.


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