Three flea bags

I was snug in bed, texting with my cousin about Prehistoric artifacts (true, we are smart like that!) and… Ding, a picture of a kitten appears on my screen.

Let me ask my husband first, since he has now twice learned about our fostering kittens through Facebook.  Oops!

He’s game.  Yeah!  But I have to go pick them up by myself.  Since I will be relying on him (heavily) for night feedings, he wants to hit the snooze button a couple of more times. Fair enough.

There are three kittens.  Two orange-colored and a dark grey one, about 6 days old.  Their umbilical cord has fallen off and their eyes are still closed.  One of them already has teeth pushing below its gums.

In the car on the way back home.

They were covered in fleas.  They took a bath (separately) and it was gross.  Yucky.  There were dozens of bugs on each of them.  One of the little orange ones has nasty bites on its tail, poor thing.  The kittens did really well during bath time, I was surprised.  They were then towel dried and warmed up with the hair dryer.  They are now all fluffy!

Kodi is interested in them.  Our big one (resident cat) came to sniff them.  Our little one gave me the look of death!

They are now in a plastic box at the foot of the bed, sleeping, pretty much one on top of the other.

You should see the smile on my face 🙂


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