Growing up fast

I am typing this, sitting on a chair in front of TV but watching The Floofs! They have graduated from a plastic container to a playpen, if only for a few hours. About an hour ago, my husband was on a business call and the kittens decided to provide background music! This is the first time they meow to get our attention, aside from feeding time. They even have never meowed when they are hungry, they only vocalize when we have removed the towel that serves as the roof of their “house” and indicates they are about to be fed. That will soon change, I am sure. And I will miss silence!

They are growing so fast. Their claws are now hard little daggers of pain, their eyes wide open yet still black. They poo a lot. Oh my god do they poo. And why on earth would they decide that it’s fun to roll around in it? Hence their first sponge bath this afternoon. Oh that was (not) fun. Dried up poo stuck in MC’s white fur. Charming… And all over her pretty face since she still puts her nose in her siblings’ butts. After her bath, she was so pretty, all fluffy! She is so adorable, she now falls asleep about 30 seconds after being fed, whether she’s on your lap or on the floor, her head on an electrical cord.

They used to sleep 100% of their non-feeding time, but that is slowly decreasing. They are more alert, and Tango is becoming an Olympic climber. Her middle name is Everest.

Their feeding schedule is becoming easier to manage. We now share the night feedings. That allows each of us to sleep for about 6 hours in a row.

Our cat, one of the two we own, has started showing interest in the rug rats. She supervises the feedings from a foot away, giving us the stink eye. We are not sure if she means “why did you bring in kittens? Again?” or “You don’t know what you’re doing”. We hope she could teach them to eat, and to use a litter box. Those are the next two big items on the “growing up” agenda.

Then it will be bye bye to their forever families.


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