Dear New Foster Parents

Dear New Foster Parents,

You have the 3 best kittens in the whole entire world.  They are cute, easy going, funny, affectionate, litter trained* and overall most adorable.

Tango, the orange kitten, is the biggest.  She’s also knows as A.P., for Always Purring.  Pick her up any time, day or night, before or after a meal, and she’ll purr.  Non-stop.  Put her little head next to your ear and will can hear what Heaven must sound like!  She’s awesome like that.  She’s now a true toddler-kitten, exploring, jumping, sniffing, until she tires out and finds the softest spot in the house and falls asleep.  Developmentally, she’s the most advanced of the 3.  She’s started climbing, jumping and hopping before the other 2.  She’s the leader in that respect.  She’s tried clawing her way up the drapes, but has been told in no uncertain terms that this behavior is not allowed.  Not that our drapes are that great, it’s just not a good skill to have when you’re looking to be adopted!

Kodi, short for Kodiak Bear, is the only boy.  He’ll let you know by marking his territory once in a while, preferably by a bay window.  He knows how to use the litter box, but sometimes, poo, there it is!  He’s just as much as an explorer of crevices as his big sister is.  He does not climb the drapes, but likes to walk over the nightstand and knock stuff down. Once again, that is not permissible behavior in our house!  Watch out, he’s an ogre. He will eat anything that is food, kitten food, cat food, human food, I am sure if we had a dog he’d munch on dog kibble as well.  He’s particularly fond of carbs, such as pizza crust and bread.  He’s not big enough yet to jump onto the kitchen counter, so sometimes we don’t even know where he gets the crumbs from (that says a lot about the cleanliness of our house doesn’t it?!).  He too is super affectionate, especially with his daddy. Maybe it’s the testosterone bonding!

M.C., Mini Cat, Mighty Cat, is the white kitten. She used to be all white but is not mostly grey, turning probably into a Siamese.  She’s the littlest of them all, and a few days behind developmentally.  When Tango and Kodi learn a new behavior, such as grooming or fluffing the tail as a defense mechanism, she will imitate them 2 or 3 days later.  But there’s nothing she cannot do.  She wrestles with her siblings, either as the aggressor or as the poor victim (and she’ll then make a pitiful sound).  She’s more of a loner than the other 2, maybe because of her size.  She likes to climb on the couch, check what’s behind the cushions, hides in boxes, and when she’s tired, she’ll find a human, curl up next to them and snooze.

All 3 have been bottle-fed since I got them, when they were 2 days old. They now eat wet food, their favorite, however without a trace of table manners.  They slurp it down, and if necessary, and possible, will fit their entire body into the bowl.  They also like dry food.  They have not been introduced to cat treats yet.  Nor catnip.  They like to eat our adult cats’ food when they roam around.  Not because they are hungry, but probably because it’s got a different taste.  And after running around the house, it’s hard to find the way back inside the playpen!

They like all humans and have met a few of our friends.  They are very good with our other cat (we have 2, one has ignored them completely from day one, and still does).  Our other cat has been a role model for them, teaching them how to groom themselves, how to wrestle, how to cover up poo in the litter box, how to be a cat.  They have never met a dog.

They are quiet cats.  They sleep in a big play pen (60” wide) and during the day, they roam around the house, for about an hour, until we think they (or we) need a break and put them back in their “house”.  They play together in there.  They have food, water, a litter box, a scratching post and a few toys. They are all very fond of mini mice toys.  There has never been an instance of them waking us up or meowing loudly.  They meow if they are awake and want out, but not in an annoying way.  They still sleep curled up on the heating pad.

They do not bite.  Even when they play, they will playfully nibble on toes or noses but have been taught to not bite humans.  However, we have been less efficient in teaching them to keep their claws to themselves.  They don’t use them in an aggressive manner whatsoever, but when they climb, jump, launch themselves from you to the couch (or the other way around), claws are the main tools. They all used to “make biscuits” when they were being bottle-fed but grew out of that.

The only discipline we have used, when they bite or climb the drapes, is to pick them up and place them somewhere else.

They love kisses.  Since they day I got them, they were held for long periods of time.  And kissed a lot. Smack on their little noses.  They love to cuddle, though they are reaching the age where they tolerate being held until they decide it’s time to go and explore.  Then they get tired and want to cuddle again. 

We know you’ll take good care of The Floofs while we go on vacation.


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